Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why I Chose Crochet

I've tried sewing. I've tried cross-stitching. I've tried knitting, embroidery, and scrapbooking. The sewing machine and I have fights. Cross-stitch and embroidery get boring. I could never get knitting down (not to mention I think it's too complicated?), and scrapbooking is just so darn expensive and frilly. So not necessarily by default but because I really truly do like it, I chose to crochet.

I learned how to crochet from my Grandma Septon. I was 10 years old. She taught me the "granny square" and it was easy and I was hooked. That was when I knew that I loved crocheting and I crocheted ALL the time.

And then I stopped. I decided that crocheting was for little girls and I didn't ever finish a project anyway, so why keep crocheting. So I packed up my yarn and hooks and tucked the box away in the back of the storage room and forgot about it for a few years.

In February 2012, I was 36 weeks pregnant and got put on bed rest. I knew I was going to die of boredom if I didn't find some sort of project to do. Suddenly I wanted my hooks back. If I could just get my hands on ONE hook, I thought, I would be able to make it through. After I had Hailey, I went to my parents and dug out that old box that I am SO glad I never had the nerve to throw away. It had YARN and HOOKS and I knew I could never pack this box away again.

For my first Mother's Day, Scotty got me a pack of assorted-size hooks. In June, I did my first hemstitch project. I LOVE to crochet. I love creating and watching my project take shape in my hands. It sort of makes me feel powerful (I hope that's not a bad thing)! I love walking up and down the yarn section and dreaming of things I could make with them. I now understand why the women in my books loved yarn so much.

So I decided to make a blog and share with you the things I have learned and have created. Remember, I'm not perfect and still think I am somewhat of a beginner! But I hope you enjoy what I post and will follow me along my journey of crochet adventures and discovery!

Thanks for reading!
Nancy and her hooks