Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Krista's Blanket aka Nauvoo Pioneer Baby Blanket??

Ok, I won't spend much time talking because I am itching to just show you these pictures. I have to give a little background. My good friend from work, Krista, also crochets. Together, we work on fun stuff while we're at work. I told her about those 262 Lace Crochet Patterns, so with some old Red Heart cream-colored yarn from her grandmother, she chose a pattern and set to work!

This blanket is BEAUTIFUL. She did so well on choosing a good pattern, and not to mention that border! Whew! I never would have thought a big border would have made SUCH a difference! I can't stop gushing about this blanket. She says it reminds her of Nauvoo. It does remind me of a pioneer sort of blanket. I told her she needs to enter it into the State Fair, that's how great I think it is. She says she doesn't ever want to get rid of this blanket and I don't blame her. I asked if I could copy it and make my own, but at the same time, I'm almost afraid I couldn't do it justice! She said of course I could!

Now, we know the blanket isn't perfect. Come on, she was making this up as she went. But wow. Just...wow.

Now, feast your eyes, and enjoy! Don't drool too much on the computer!! (Oh and don't mind my poor camera skills)

Pretty, in't it?

Blessing Blanket

I told myself I would only do 30 minutes computer time specifically for blogging, encouraging me to actually work on blogging and not get distracted by other things (*ahem* Pinterest). I actually did SO good that I used all of my 30 minutes just updating my normal blog. I now give myself an hour from the starting point, meaning I have 20 minutes to write these two posts.

But oh, what good posts they are!!

Baby Girl Blessing Blanket

(Yes, I crochet at work a lot!)

This is when I decided to finish off and make it a square. Border/edging is added but ends haven't been woven in yet.

Close up of a corner.

Hailey needed to test it out to see if it was big enough. I think it passed the test!


Finished with scissors showing scale (say that 5 times fast!).

Corner detail.

Showing border and corner.

As you know, I have been working diligently on a blessing blanket for my good friend Whitney, who is due with Baby Girl in June. I was so excited to start in back in April that I went straight to the store, found the first beautiful white Weight 3 yarn I could find, and got to work! I also used one of the lace patterns found all over Pinterest (it's the 262 lace crochet patterns or something like that). Here's a pretty good link. I did Pattern #160. It was very simple and very easy to calculate. I used a size G hook and I think I chained about 120 for my starting point. The work up was very fast and every easy. My only qualm was that the particular yarn I chose, although very pretty, had a small shiny piece that was woven throughout the yarn and many many times I got my hook caught on that. Other than that, though, it was a very nice blanket to do! I then finished off with my own border of holes for the ribbon, and then used Pattern #225 for the edging! I actually had to make the blanket a square because I had started the foundation chain so long, but it still turned out very, very nice. I used a light pink ribbon, 1/4" width. The cost was very minimum and the beauty was great. It reminds me of a soft fluffy sheep! And Whitney loved it, so I am happy!

One very important thing to remember is when you are using ribbons in your borders, to always, ALWAYS stitch the bow to the blanket. This will secure the bow itself (there's is going to be a lot of handling and you don't want that bow to come undone!) and attaches the bow to the blanket so it doesn't slide around all over the place. I am very glad I learned this at the last minute or I just know the blanket would have been a disaster later down the road!

Again, I am very pleased with the way this blanket turned out and I would make another one in a heartbeat. Oh! Plus! This blanket did not use nearly as much yarn as I thought it would, so I am actually left with almost a whole skein! Yes!

I would be excited to see this blanket done with a light blue ribbon, or maybe even green or purple. Other things I would change would be to make it rectangular like I originally planned and make a thicker boarder. All the fun possibilities!