Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy 1st Halloween to my baby daughter, Hailey!

Have I ever told you about my absolute undying love for flamingos? And my kind of detestation of crochet hats and how I had sort of made a vow that I would never make them?? Well in the end, we know that love wins out all! And now I really do like making the hats! I made this all up on my own, after learning a few basics from online and getting my inspiration from an Etsy shop that I will have to find the link for because I can't seem to find it now...

I think it turned out well and more pictures to come of the hat itself!

Love LOVE my little girl!

A Couple/Few Projects Lately

I decided a few weeks ago that I needed to be better about my exercise routine. So on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, Hailey and I have been bundling up and going for a walk/jog around the neighborhood. It's been pretty good! (although I'll admit I haven't been  for about a week because I have been so busy!)

I had a hat for Hailey, but I really wanted something I could tie around her chin. A few minutes after an online search, and voila! We have cuteness!

I used CrochetnCrafts' pattern right here because I loved the gradual earflap instead of the triangle look. It is all shells (you know me and shells!). I used size G hook as it suggested in the pattern. As for the yarn, well, I just used what was left over from my other blanket! I love leftover yarn!

This hat was super easy to make and I actually started about 3 others all in different colors! I'm really excited about them and excited that Hailey has something to wear to keep her head warm during our jaunts outside.

She is just too cute! The hat was a little too big, but really not too bad!

I also knew that with cooler weather coming in, I was going to have to start making Hailey wear shoes. At least for church! I am going to make her some boots for every other day wear. I am really hesitant right now about buying normal shoes for Hailey because her feet are so TINY that nothing even really fits. Hence the beauty of custom crochet.

The pattern came from one of my favorite youtube videos by tjw1963 on Crochet Geek channel. The pattern is for baby Mary Jane's. I liked this pattern a lot because of the simplicity and easiness. I made these shoes very quickly. Well, that's a lie. I got distracted and only finished one and then the second one just needs some final touches on it. 

Also, I stole the buttons from my mom's collection. Don't you just adore them??