Saturday, December 15, 2012

Been a While

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been a while! Times have been pretty busy, and I haven't had much time to crochet like I would like to.

I have been working hard on a small baby afghan and matching beanie for a pregnant friend of mine who is due in January (or is it February?). I am way behind on the blanket (it's been about a month since her baby shower...oops!) but the last few days, I have been able to play a lot of catch up. I am still working on the beanie, so once I have that done, I will take pictures of the set before I hand it off to the soon-to-be mama!

I have also been knitting lately. Like, a lot. As in, I really, really, really like knitting. My only problem is, I taught myself, and right-handed at that (I'm left handed, I crochet left-handed), so I am horribly and awkwardly slow at knitting. I don't know how to hold the needles or yarn for tension at all. Anybody out there want to help me??

My main "obsession" right now would be dishcloths. My sis-in-law has several knitted cotton dishcloths and I love them. I have a crocheted dishcloth, but it's not cotton, so it's not super awesome, but it works, and I actually really like the textures and ability to hold water and soap while washing dishes. Walmart, bless its awful heart, has Peaches 'n Cream cotton balls of yarn for under $2!! And so many fabulous colors. I have to save my money so I don't buy them every time I go to the store. I bought black (good dark, solid color for dishcloths) and have been working on one. My only problem is, I keep changing the pattern. I make one for a few good rows, then find another pattern I like better, so I unravel everything, and start all over. It's taking me forever. I am also "practicing" a dishcloth with normal worsted weight yarn at work, and I am actually really liking how it is turning out!

Ooh, I also REALLY want to make socks. And a stocking like this great video I found online!

However, that requires special needles that I don't have, but would love to some day acquire. Oh, someday!!

That reminds me. Anyone know of any good ways to store yarn??? I looked it up online and people were saying things like, "You never need to keep leftover yarn" or "Give the rest of the yarn with the blanket/gift so that if anything happens, they'll have matching yarn to fix it" or "Why the heck would you save leftover yarn you're crazy." What! I mean, some of the projects I've made have barely used even half a skein! I have soooo much yarn left over, and over my dead body will I just throw it out. I just need to find a better way to organize it than throw it in a box in the same plastic grocery bag that it came in.

Anyway, no pictures today. I'll keep working and crocheting and knitting. And spending hours watching knitting and crocheting videos online. And drooling over crochet and knitting books at the store.

Christmas is coming up, so have fun with whatever fun things you are making for Christmas! What is your favorite Christmas tradition? Share!