Saturday, September 14, 2013

State Fair

We just got back from the Utah State Fair, and let me tell you what, I have been waiting for this even all year long! I took tons of pictures and spent the majority of my time in the Home Arts building. I did lots of studying and I even spoke with a lady about possibly setting up a tatting club in Springville (what!?). I just can't WAIT to show you all of my fun pictures!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We're Back!

The computer is back! My wonderful brother helped wipe it clean (we backed things up, don't worry!) and we factory re-set it. We figured that was probably just going to be the best way to fix it all.

I don't have a post for today because I don't have my pictures/external hard drive nearby, but I just wanted to let you know that I DO have my computer back and thus my postings should become a bit more regular again. I'm so happy!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I have a good friend from college. Her name is Troy.

Actually, that's not really her name, but that's what I've always called her since those good ol' freshman days in the dorms. We were young, hyper, crazy, and giving everyone nicknames that have stuck and have now become some of the dearest things to me.

Anyway, Troy is having a baby!! I was sooo happy to find out that when she got married, she would be living much closer to rather than further from me. When I got the invite for her baby shower, I knew right away what I was going to make - an afghan!

So this was the coolest thing ever. It was the 4th of July. I was at my parents' house all day WITH NO YARN OR HOOKS. I was going to go crazy! So, I recruited my dad and sister to come to Hobby Lobby with me, enabling me to use not one, but three 40% off coupons at the register, and I got to buy this *luscious* yarn that I have had my eye on for quite a while.

Yarn Bee (by Hobby Lobby) Soft Secret. (compare to Caron Simply Soft and ah, they just can't quite compare except maybe color variety!) Delicious. Shiny. Soft. Smooth. Yummy.

I bought 2 great vibrant colors and white. I was so excited to get to work!

I used this pattern from Lion Brand (you have to sign in, but here's the link) that my good friend shared with me. I was so happy to find it! I love the stripes look, I love the lacy look, this worked up SO fast and SO easily, and it all around is such a good, easy pattern! I recommend it to anyone and everyone and may end up using it for all future baby blankets.

My only problem was that I used a yarn too fine (even though it was still Weight 4 as the pattern called for) and my hook was one size too small (H). The pattern ended up being maybe half the size it was supposed to be. However, I decided it looked so great that it would make a really nice hang-over-the-edge-of-the-crib blanket or little lap blanket or, my personal favorite, a snuggle blanket because yes, it is that soft.

One last thing I have to say is that everyone ooh'd and ahh'd over the blanket, and Troy's aunt even asked me for the pattern and where to get the yarn. Yay!

Ok, enough of me talking, time for my pictures! Enjoy!

Friday, August 9, 2013


I know that as I am writing this post, I am really being a big hypocrite. However, I feel like it should be mentioned as it is something that has ALWAYS bothered me!

Have you ever been searching for patterns on Google or Pinterest, and you come across a picture that you find absolutely beautiful or so adorably cute that you know right then and there that you just have to make that one! So you click on the picture and it takes you to....a blog. And not someone's crafty/tutorial blog. Just someone's normal blog and they decided to post a picture of something they made and they post NO REFERENCE TO THE PATTERN WHATSOEVER!!!!

It's like they're just dangling the picture in front of your face, saying, "Look at my beautiful creation, and you can't have it, ha ha!"

Oh, it drives me nuts!!

Even if it's your original pattern, or if it's something you found off of Red Heart's website that is available to everyone, or if you even bought the pattern off of Etsy...PLEASE reference your pattern! I should be saying this for respect to the pattern-maker, but no. I'm really just saying this for selfish reasons that I really do want to know where you got your pattern from! And you know what, sometimes I'm willing to pay for the pattern!

Friends, don't be afraid to tell us where you got your pattern. And if you just made it up...tell us! Give yourself some credit! Share the goodness with those around you. Besides, if your picture is popular enough to show up on Google image search, then you know that enough people are coming to your blog to look for the pattern and you should just be a pal and direct them in the right path.

So now that I've said's about time I go back through my old posts and reference my patterns...wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Feature A Friend!

Ok, I should have probably waited until Friday to do "Feature Friday" (not sure if that's even a real thing!) but I have another one that I can feature on Friday. I just wanted to post today and I'm actually at work instead of at home. Issues with the home computer are....continuous and frustrating.

This bright and beautiful creation was done by my friend Aubrey! She's another one of the work buddies who decided to take up crocheting. She's due with her baby in October and has already made a blanket for her him, is working on a tote, booties, a hat, and this hook holder!! She is just on fire!!

She used Red Heart Soft yarn - a little sparkly and fun, and on clearance at Hobby Lobby (woot  - we love those sales!). She followed the same pattern I used for my red one, and I won't lie...after seeing hers, it makes me want to re-do mine in some brighter, happier colors, too! Anyway, she said she had to add an extra row of stars (I think her yarn was sport weight/smaller), but it ended up turning out just great for her! Feast your eyes and enjoy!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Photo Bomb (over the next week!)

I've got so much I want to share! I've been collecting all my photos together of things I have been crocheting lately and I am finally going to post about them. Most of the pictures have lower quality since they were taken on my iPad and I'm not too great at editing lighting or anything like that. Over the next few days, I will be posting about each of my things. I apologize there has been quite a lapse in posts. That's because several months ago, I got an iPad. Who needs their PC laptop once they get an iPad?? Just kidding. We did! But our laptop has been giving us a lot of grief lately and we actually went out and bought one but discovered there was no CD-drive - what?!?! Anyway, I don't need to tell you all of these. Suffice it to say, you can't post on Blogger through iOS and I was too lazy fight with my computer to post.

But now I'm here and I'll share with you a just a couple pictures and I can't wait to post some more tomorrow!

(Taking a peak at..."Chevy!")

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I've Finally Finished Some Stuff!

And now I can't find my camera. But I thought I'd post so I can at least have something up. I finished a nice Granny Sunburst for my sister-in-law who just had her baby a couple weeks ago and I did a short, last minute, silky-smooth, ultra-shiny yellow and blue and white blanket for my dear roommate who is due in August.

I'm not going to lie, it is so nice to have that Granny Sunburst out of the way. That was kind of a taking-on that I didn't realize was going to be so much work. Next time, I'll plan better ;-)

So for now, I have a simple stripe blanket that I'm working on at home with some great sport-weight yarn for another friend due in August (they are out-doorsy ish so I thought I'd do a nice brown/blue/green - it's so cute!) and am ever working on the yellow/white chevron for my sister. That blanket is going to be awesome.

Friday, June 28, 2013

A Plan

I want to take a moment to talk about something important. Anytime you make a large afghan (basically anything bigger than a baby afghan!!), make sure you have a plan! Let me explain. No, it's too long. Let me sum up (who can guess that??). I once read the blog of an old friend of mine. I knew him in junior high and even then, he was an astounding artist. Now he has an illustration degree from BYU and does some pretty impressive work. I was checking out his blog and really liked a post he made. He said that any artist, no matter what the medium or size, etc, must always have a plan before you start creating. A plan helps you stay on track, stay accurate and true to what you are trying to accomplish, and you will know what to expect and what materials you will need to complete the project.

That really struck me. I realized that even if I am doing a simple bit of crochet, I need to make sure I have a plan and that I stick to it. I have never attempted to make a large afghan/throw blanket before, and I honestly didn't know what to expect. I used the first pattern I found, but realized that I could have done just a little more research and could have saved myself a lot of trouble and grief. There are a lot better (and easier and faster and less yarn-consuming) patterns out there. If only I would have taken a little more time and not rushed into this blindly. I just get so excited sometimes!

Now, I'm not trying to complain and I have obviously learned my lesson for next time. But the point of my post is just to tell you all, my fellow crocheters and knitters, that if you are planning to make something big, like really big, make a plan. Do your mesasuremnts AHEAD of time. Figure out how much yarn you'll need so you don't have to make extra trips to the store and spend unnessary money. Decide the texture/thickness you want and make swatches if you need to. Play around with hook sizes. All in all, just...plan.

Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Krista's Blanket aka Nauvoo Pioneer Baby Blanket??

Ok, I won't spend much time talking because I am itching to just show you these pictures. I have to give a little background. My good friend from work, Krista, also crochets. Together, we work on fun stuff while we're at work. I told her about those 262 Lace Crochet Patterns, so with some old Red Heart cream-colored yarn from her grandmother, she chose a pattern and set to work!

This blanket is BEAUTIFUL. She did so well on choosing a good pattern, and not to mention that border! Whew! I never would have thought a big border would have made SUCH a difference! I can't stop gushing about this blanket. She says it reminds her of Nauvoo. It does remind me of a pioneer sort of blanket. I told her she needs to enter it into the State Fair, that's how great I think it is. She says she doesn't ever want to get rid of this blanket and I don't blame her. I asked if I could copy it and make my own, but at the same time, I'm almost afraid I couldn't do it justice! She said of course I could!

Now, we know the blanket isn't perfect. Come on, she was making this up as she went. But wow.

Now, feast your eyes, and enjoy! Don't drool too much on the computer!! (Oh and don't mind my poor camera skills)

Pretty, in't it?

Blessing Blanket

I told myself I would only do 30 minutes computer time specifically for blogging, encouraging me to actually work on blogging and not get distracted by other things (*ahem* Pinterest). I actually did SO good that I used all of my 30 minutes just updating my normal blog. I now give myself an hour from the starting point, meaning I have 20 minutes to write these two posts.

But oh, what good posts they are!!

Baby Girl Blessing Blanket

(Yes, I crochet at work a lot!)

This is when I decided to finish off and make it a square. Border/edging is added but ends haven't been woven in yet.

Close up of a corner.

Hailey needed to test it out to see if it was big enough. I think it passed the test!


Finished with scissors showing scale (say that 5 times fast!).

Corner detail.

Showing border and corner.

As you know, I have been working diligently on a blessing blanket for my good friend Whitney, who is due with Baby Girl in June. I was so excited to start in back in April that I went straight to the store, found the first beautiful white Weight 3 yarn I could find, and got to work! I also used one of the lace patterns found all over Pinterest (it's the 262 lace crochet patterns or something like that). Here's a pretty good link. I did Pattern #160. It was very simple and very easy to calculate. I used a size G hook and I think I chained about 120 for my starting point. The work up was very fast and every easy. My only qualm was that the particular yarn I chose, although very pretty, had a small shiny piece that was woven throughout the yarn and many many times I got my hook caught on that. Other than that, though, it was a very nice blanket to do! I then finished off with my own border of holes for the ribbon, and then used Pattern #225 for the edging! I actually had to make the blanket a square because I had started the foundation chain so long, but it still turned out very, very nice. I used a light pink ribbon, 1/4" width. The cost was very minimum and the beauty was great. It reminds me of a soft fluffy sheep! And Whitney loved it, so I am happy!

One very important thing to remember is when you are using ribbons in your borders, to always, ALWAYS stitch the bow to the blanket. This will secure the bow itself (there's is going to be a lot of handling and you don't want that bow to come undone!) and attaches the bow to the blanket so it doesn't slide around all over the place. I am very glad I learned this at the last minute or I just know the blanket would have been a disaster later down the road!

Again, I am very pleased with the way this blanket turned out and I would make another one in a heartbeat. Oh! Plus! This blanket did not use nearly as much yarn as I thought it would, so I am actually left with almost a whole skein! Yes!

I would be excited to see this blanket done with a light blue ribbon, or maybe even green or purple. Other things I would change would be to make it rectangular like I originally planned and make a thicker boarder. All the fun possibilities!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's been a while.... da da da...I don't remember the lyrics...

But yes! Hello and here I am! I'm really just writing out of courtesy right now. I have pictures, but I don't want to share them yet because I can't be having the recipient seeing what they're going to be getting before they get it!

I have 3 current projects and am already itching to start a million more!! Burpcloths, granny squares, throw pillow covers, you name it! Colors, cotton, yarn, yarn store in Provo, what??!

First Project...chevron. Mustard yellow and off white. It's going to be big and it's going to be awesome. I won't even begin to go into my frustrations with it, though. The less you know, the better...

Second...granny square!!! I've tried to avoid the granny square because I honestly just think they're ugly, but when done right?? Oh man oh man! So many colors to choose from! This one is a sunburst granny. I am SO excited for it.

Third...a beautifully lacy pattern that I found on Pinterest and just kind of made up as I went. I made the blanket the size that I wanted, then improvised a border that could hold a ribbon. The final edging actually comes from the same website as the whole blanket. White, so soft and fluffy it reminds me of a sheep, and pink ribbon. For blessing a baby, or whatever you want to do. I've dedicated most of my time to this one lately because this one is due to the recipient first!

And lastly...I just love crocheting. Have I ever told you that?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Red Heart, How Our Love is Bittersweet.

Those of you who work with yarn must know what Red Heart is. If you don't, I don't know where you've been.

Red Heart is the cheap yarn of all cheap yarns. It's acrylic, normal 4-ply, and I-T-C-H-Y. Scratchy. Rough 'n tumblin. It's exactly like that afghan from your grandma that you hate using because it's too itchy. But it is cheap, in more ways than one, and highly affordable. Plus, it comes in all sorts of fun colors!

Then there's I Love This Yarn by Hobby Lobby. I love that yarn. Much softer, but a dollar or two more expensive. When you have to buy 4 skeins at a time, those extra dollars add up.

And then there's Caron. Beautifully soft and shiny, but every crocheters nightmare to work with! Splits like you wouldn't believe! Also a dollar or two more expensive.

And there is also I Love This Cotton which I would LOVE to make a blanket in cotton but honestly? $3+/skein for less than what you get for's just hard to justify the purchase. At least if you're someone on a budget.

And so that was my thought process when it came to making a blanket for my sweet sis. What did I choose? The Red Heart.

Halfway done with the blanket and with every row I add on, I think, "Why oh why did I buy the Red Heart???" Maybe the vintage itch goes with the vintage colors. Maybe she won't care because she's not a baby and doesn't need it baby's-bum soft. But now I'm regretting using this yarn and I haven't even told her!

So anyway, back to the point of this post. I found how to soften yarn!! This lovely article on Craft Sauce shared how to do it, and apparently it works wonders! My only problem is, dare I try it on a 4' x 6' blanket?

What do you think??

Monday, February 18, 2013

Blue "Drops" Blanket

I finished my "Drops" blanket for Traci, who is due March 24! I love this girl - we had the same due date, the same husband's name, the same baby's's so fun!

I found this beautiful pattern on Pinterest (ok...I love Pinterest, what can I say). It comes from a website that I mentioned in an earlier post, and for some reason, it is in their group of patterns called "Drops" patterns. Anyway, the name stuck with me and I will now always refer to this particular type of blanket as my "drops" blanket.

I should have realized this was going to be such a huge undertaking. You have to make 20 individual squares, much like a granny square blanket, and sew them all together. I have never made anything like that before, so to stay on the safe side, I slipped stitched the squares together with my hook. It turned out with a beautiful ridge, but it really pulled the squares together more than I wanted it to. Unfortunately, the blanket does not lay as flat as I would like because of it (you have to really smooth it out on the floor to get a good look at it), but I think it still turned out alright.

I will also say that in sewing together squares, don't do it the way I did it! I would combine two squares together and cut the yarn! Then I would add another square and cut the yarn! DON'T DO THIS!!! If you want to save yourself any sanity, sew all the way through the row and then cut the yarn. It might seem weird, but trust me, it will save you a lot of time in the end when you're weaving everything in.

But all in all, I think the blanket turned out really well. Small, but well.

I used size G hook and Caron Simply Soft yarn, Country Blue. Beautiful yarn, but rather annoying that it came unraveled so easily.

Here it is! I hope she enjoys it!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Show & Tell

Since none of my current projects are finished, I'll take a time to have a little Show & Tell!

Today's little gem comes from a blog called "Alli Crafts" (link to free pattern here). I had just started picking crochet back up (around April/May last year?) and decided I really needed something to store all my hooks in. My mother-in-law actually has this really nice case with a zipper, but I didn't want to spend any extra money on this. So I did some Googling, picked up some old yarn that I had, and started to work!

These are just phone pictures, so sorry they're not the best!

Alli Crafts, like a lot of other people, came up with her design by using the star stitch (found on The Crochet Spot Blog). It's basically just a rectangular block full of star stitches!

I added the border just to give it a little more of a finished work. I LOVE this case because the holes are perfectly lined up and just snug enough to hold even my smallest hook (size 6). It even holds my tapestry needle!

I also love that now all of my hooks are in one place. I love the bold/dark color, making it easy to find and stands out against most of the yarn I usually have.

Like I said, I love my crochet holder and am so glad I made it. Check Alli Crafts out for her free pattern - you'll be happy you did!

Saturday, February 2, 2013


I've never done this kind of crocheting before. I've always stuck with the simple, bulky-type looks. I've never ventured into the lace side of crochet before. Not that this is really lace, but it is closer than anything else I've ever done. I found this pattern on Pinterest and it can be found on this website The direct link is here. Anyway, it took me a couple practices to get this right. Before I had the yarn for the blanket I am going to make, I only had crochet thread. Which still worked out very nicely! Here is a sample of one of my practices. I did finally get the yarn and I'll hopefully be done with the blanket around Wednesday next week.

Isn't it beautiful??

And now I just can't help myself whenever I see a beautiful lace alter cover! I'll admit that I was a little focused on that during last night's session. But come on, haven't you ever wondered how those covers are made, too??

Also learning this makes me want to learn tatting. I wonder if I know anybody that can teach me...

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Having Fun!

What do you do when the house is messy and your daughter is happy? You crochet! And take pictures of it, of course!

If you're wondering what I'm making - it's the backing of a throw pillow! I am so excited about these pillows!

I just love her face here!

Such a happy girl - we had such a fun time that morning!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

To My Faithful Follower... are so great to follow me.

I actually finished another blanket/beanie a week or so ago! It is a beautiful denim blue with a grey edging. My friend loved it so much that she said she wanted to use it for her baby photos! How awesome is that! Since I don't know what happened to the pictures I took and put on the computer, I'll wait until she has her baby and maybe show off those pictures!

I also joined Ravelry. HOW COME I DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS WEBSITE BEFORE?? I love it. I am in love with it. Or maybe lust. It's hard to tell the difference. But anyway, I have found SO many adorable patterns that I want to buy and make for Hailey before winter is over, my favorite being this sweater!


And yes, it is knitted. I love it so much. I could do it!