Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Feature A Friend!

Ok, I should have probably waited until Friday to do "Feature Friday" (not sure if that's even a real thing!) but I have another one that I can feature on Friday. I just wanted to post today and I'm actually at work instead of at home. Issues with the home computer are....continuous and frustrating.

This bright and beautiful creation was done by my friend Aubrey! She's another one of the work buddies who decided to take up crocheting. She's due with her baby in October and has already made a blanket for her him, is working on a tote, booties, a hat, and this hook holder!! She is just on fire!!

She used Red Heart Soft yarn - a little sparkly and fun, and on clearance at Hobby Lobby (woot  - we love those sales!). She followed the same pattern I used for my red one, and I won't lie...after seeing hers, it makes me want to re-do mine in some brighter, happier colors, too! Anyway, she said she had to add an extra row of stars (I think her yarn was sport weight/smaller), but it ended up turning out just great for her! Feast your eyes and enjoy!

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