Friday, August 9, 2013


I know that as I am writing this post, I am really being a big hypocrite. However, I feel like it should be mentioned as it is something that has ALWAYS bothered me!

Have you ever been searching for patterns on Google or Pinterest, and you come across a picture that you find absolutely beautiful or so adorably cute that you know right then and there that you just have to make that one! So you click on the picture and it takes you to....a blog. And not someone's crafty/tutorial blog. Just someone's normal blog and they decided to post a picture of something they made and they post NO REFERENCE TO THE PATTERN WHATSOEVER!!!!

It's like they're just dangling the picture in front of your face, saying, "Look at my beautiful creation, and you can't have it, ha ha!"

Oh, it drives me nuts!!

Even if it's your original pattern, or if it's something you found off of Red Heart's website that is available to everyone, or if you even bought the pattern off of Etsy...PLEASE reference your pattern! I should be saying this for respect to the pattern-maker, but no. I'm really just saying this for selfish reasons that I really do want to know where you got your pattern from! And you know what, sometimes I'm willing to pay for the pattern!

Friends, don't be afraid to tell us where you got your pattern. And if you just made it up...tell us! Give yourself some credit! Share the goodness with those around you. Besides, if your picture is popular enough to show up on Google image search, then you know that enough people are coming to your blog to look for the pattern and you should just be a pal and direct them in the right path.

So now that I've said's about time I go back through my old posts and reference my patterns...wish me luck!

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